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Highlights for June

Bread is the 'staff of life', necessary for our survival. We break bread to show our hospitality and welcome. And bread is broken and given for our spiritual nourishment.

To enter the extraordinary

Making a pilgrimage is an opportunity to 'escape the ordinary and enter the extraordinary'.

Tender moments

Soul Matters - Chris Gleeson sj

ender moments are moments of grace, when God's love softens our lives.

Singing the journey

Pilgrims on the way - Rosie Hoban

Renowned soprano Merlyn Quaife speaks about her latest performance from her travels on the Via Camino to Santiago de Compostela.

'The sun is God'

The face of God - Michael McGirr

The works of J.M.W. Turner celebrate light and colour, an expression of joy in God's creation.

An Aboriginal voice crying in the wilderness

The power of story - Elizabeth Pike

William Barak was an eloquent spokesman for his people as well as a respected artist.

Daily Prayer

Our Community of Prayer - June, July, August

The Pope's prayer intentions, calendar of saints and reflections on the liturgical readings for each day of the month.

Winter Raffle 2015 Winners

The Society of Jesus in Victoria, Jesuit Communications Winter Raffle 2015
Drawn on Thursday 2 July 2015 (Permit No 10187/15 issued 23 February, 2015)

Congratulations to the winners:
1st prize: A Hannan, VIC
2nd prize: J Bowskill, QLD
3rd prize: A Twigg, VIC
4th prize: K Haines, VIC

Thank you to everyone who supported our Winter raffle.