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Highlights for September

Do you love me? Feed my sheep

Consecrated life and family life both provide places where we can give of ourselves to help others flourish. Both begin with a letting go of the self, an understanding that we must be better people in order to help others be better. We do this out of love: of each other, and of Jesus.

Sanctifying ourselves, sanctifying the world

Becoming better shepherds for Christ’s church.

A balancing act

Soul Matters - Chris Gleeson sj

Why religion should be the wound, not the bandage.

Listening to the voice of the heart - Beth Doherty

Hearing God through the experiences of others.

A woman in love

The face of God - Michael McGirr

The works of J.M.W. Turner celebrate light and colour, an expression of joy in God's creation.

Faith & spirituality in review

New books.

Daily Prayer

Our Community of Prayer - September, October, November

Prayer intentions of Pope Francis. Saints’ monthly calendars. Daily reflections on liturgical readings.

Winter Raffle 2015 Winners

The Society of Jesus in Victoria, Jesuit Communications Winter Raffle 2015
Drawn on Thursday 2 July 2015 (Permit No 10187/15 issued 23 February, 2015)

Congratulations to the winners:
1st prize: A Hannan, VIC
2nd prize: J Bowskill, QLD
3rd prize: A Twigg, VIC
4th prize: K Haines, VIC

Thank you to everyone who supported our Winter raffle.