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Madonna is a quarterly magazine of prayer and spirituality, with a strong tradition of more than 100 years of continuous publication. In a popular and accessible way, it offers readers a means of linking faith and life and deepening their prayer and provides its readers with a means of ‘thinking and praying’. At the core of the magazine are daily prayer reflections on the liturgical readings – which means it is in the reader’s hands every day. Madonna holds a loyal group of long-term subscribers and continually builds a new readership from among parish workers, teachers, catechists, and other lay people interested in exploring their faith.

Reader Profile

Readers look to the magazine for a voice of guidance, a source of inspiration to enhance and enrich their lives. Madonna is a magazine not just to read but to use, to make part of daily life.

  • 97% are aged over 45
  • 83% are female, 17% male
  • 42% are tertiary educated
  • Almost 100% are Catholic
  • 49% earn more than $40,000 per annum
  • 60% are retired
  • 52% have grandchildren

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