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A messenger

Jacinta Rice 29 August 2017

There they are, the travelling pelicans skimming the surface of the lake.

Grandfather and grandson?

Silent, except for the flapping of their wide, strong wings.

Both focussed on some goal ahead.

I hold my picnic sandwich mesmerised, smiling joyfully at such companionship.

Suddenly the young one stops landing directly opposite me at the foot of the hill and now fearlessly struts towards me closer, closer, so near now.

We look at each other… in the eye.

Are you hungry? I say

offering my sandwich.

No movement. No change.

Just a fixed, friendly gaze.

You are beautiful, I exclaim.

No movement. No change.

I wonder, amazed.

Then within me, I hear You are beautiful, too.

I must believe this truth? I hesitate, breathless, then accept. He turns away towards the lake convincing me then of our existing Oneness.

(Based on an experience 30 years ago at Lake Gininderra, ACT).


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