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Summer 2015

30 November 2015


Don't judge

We are advised when doing the awareness Examen, coined by St Ignatius of Loyola, to practise being non-judgmental. Instead of judging events as good and bad, some people categorise them as ‘highlights’ and ‘lowlights’.

The healing touch

Walking into St Ignatius Church today, I feel God. I breathe in and smell the polished wood. It makes me think of an ark that has never sailed

Education: Giving Wings To the Soul

In early July this year, I listened to some moving stories about education. We were hosting some guests from Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins – a consortium of Jesuit universities and colleges established in 2006 – which now offers higher education to camp-based refugees in ten different sites around the worl

The Greatest Gift of All

This time of the year can often seem to revolve around gifts, and by gifts I mean presents, gloriously wrapped in boxes with expensive cards and ribbon. Yet the paradox is that as Christians, we celebrate the birth of one who was laid in a manger, whose parents had to travel by donkey and had no place to stay once they arrived in Bethlehem.