Winter 2017 - Madonna Magazine

Winter 2017

31 May 2017


Busy Lives, Restless Hearts

Dear Charlotte, When I was in Year Two, my teacher Mrs Newhard taught my class that we could meet with Jesus in our hearts at anytime, anywhere. My seven-year-old mind imagined meeting Jesus in a deep red room shaped as a heart.  In my mind, it had heavy curtains and a velvet couch, similar to…

Arms wide open

Not every painting needs to be famous. On my desk at work is an image that two dear friends brought back from Brazil when they went there for World Youth Day a few years ago. I can’t even tell you who the artist is: the work is signed simply Marcelo. 

Sundays in the City

I’ve been attending church a lot lately — but it’s what happens after that has been changing me. In church I don’t put much in the collection bowl, often just a gold coin. But when I walk the city streets later, that’s when I give. 

Faith & Spirituality In Review

The story of Jesuit ventures at Sevenhill described in this richly informative and illustrated book (The Vine and the Branches: the fruits of the Sevenhill Mission) is one of ambition constantly clawing at the edge of possibility. The title is ambiguous, with its reference both to viniculture and to the mission — apparently disparate things…