Winter 2021 - The wisdom of ageing - Madonna Magazine

Winter 2021 - The wisdom of ageing

27 April 2021


Wisdom starts here

Wisdom is acknowledging life as it is, neither living in the past nor wishing our time away for some different future.

Within a loving grasp

Hands tell a story of their owners. They reach, grasp, soothe, turn away or beckon, and the lined hands of age are also the lined hands of knowledge built up over many years.

A 'cannon ball' moment

The trajectory of one cannon ball altered the direction of the Catholic Church, and its effects are still being felt 500 years later.

Ageing gracefully

We need to understand grace as an event – something that describes the quality of our relationship with God. 

You can’t ask that!

The past often exerts an exotic pull – what was life like back when? The elderly provide a link to the past and in this article agreed to be interviewed by their, mainly, grandchildren to talk about their lives, hopes and dreams.