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Love Madonna? – share it with others and help keep it alive

31 August 2020

Madonna, published by the Australian Jesuits, has accompanied Australians in their daily prayer and spiritual growth for more than 120 years. It is more than a magazine. It is a community.

Thoughtful and inspiring, each edition offers personal stories and reflections, informative articles on beliefs, history, spirituality and prayers and reflections on the Scripture readings for each day of the subscription period.

Beautifully illustrated it is an ideal prayer companion and thoughtful gift in this time of isolation and disconnection from parish and community, helping you find the presence of God in everyday life. 

Despite our loyal subscribers’ love for the publication, subscriber numbers have been falling for many years as younger people move to digital platforms, meaning that at current numbers, print publication is no longer sustainable.

We know that many of you still love your prayers and reflections in print rather than online. This is particularly the case for elderly subscribers.

We invite you to help us keep Madonna and the Madonna community alive. If you are not familiar with Madonna – please explore and consider a subscription.

If you are a subscriber, please consider sharing Madonna with your family and friends, recommending it and possibly even buying a gift subscription or two.

If you would like to gift a subscription but are not sure to whom – we can match you with a potential recipient who for various reasons may not be able to access Madonna for themselves.

Thanks to those of you who have supported us through contributions, subscriptions, donations and messages of support over the years. We would love to keep Madonna going – but we need your help.

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