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Summer 2016

30 November 2016


Bridging faiths

Sister Cheryl Camp rsm has never shied away from a challenge. Like many Sisters of Mercy through the decades she has packed up and gone where ever she was needed, no matter how remote, or foreign, the place may be

Beauty in defiance

How does an artist capture the essence of someone like Mother Teresa of Calcutta? Jemimah McMurray talks to Paul Newton, whose painting of the newly canonised saint has been placed on display at Domus Australia in Rome

An attentive moment

As a young Jesuit I learned philosophy. Most of it has washed away, but the saying that ‘all that exists is true, good and beautiful’ stayed with me. It seemed then to be the triumph of wishful thinking over experience – think of election campaigns, Hitler and slugs

In the eye of the beholder

On a recent family holiday to Cape Otway we took a day trip to the iconic 12 Apostles. I’ve visited a few times in my life and never failed to be captivated by their glorious obstinance in the face of the pounding surf. This was the first time that I have been there with my

Faith & spirituality in review

Gerald O’Collins SJ, Letters to Nevie: Learning from the Scriptures, St Pauls, ISBN 9781910365120 By any measure Gerald O’Collins has been a prolific author in his life as a world-class theologian. In what one believes is his 66th published book, we see the consummate teacher writing a series of beautifully crafted letters to his teenage grandniece, Nevie…

PWPN – The Most Beautiful Moment In The Game

My favourite memory of a Victorian football match is of a little rover, legs pumping and bouncing the ball, running down the field, wrong-footing one giant defender and going through another, finishing in the goal square and kicking the winning goal just as the siren sounds. And all of us suddenly on our feet in delight, shouting, ‘You little bewdy!’ (You can see it happened a long time ago.)