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Where is God in all this?

Staff 28 March 2017
A couple of years ago, a group of youths from Belgium were given the opportunity to interview Pope Francis. One of the young people asked him if he ever felt doubt - if he ever looked out at the world, at all the terrible things that were happening, and wondered, 'Where is God in all this?' The Pope replied that he asks himself two questions: Where is God? And, where are human beings? In the Gospel, he says, that is the first question that God poses to his creation: 'Adam, where are you?' Thus he continued, when a person seeks to find themselves, they also seek God. 'For me, a young person who loves truth and seeks it, loves goodness and is good, and seeks and loves beauty, is on the good path and will surely find God', he said. He added, 'But the path is long and some people do not find it, in life. They don't find it in a conscious way. But they are so true and honest with themselves, so good and so loving of beauty that in the end they have a very mature personality, capable of an encounter with God.' Truth, goodness and beauty are aspects of every being, even if it's hard to see it in some people. When we perceive a person's truth, their goodness or beauty we are seeing them in a new way. We are seeking them not simply through human senses, but through a divine lens. This is why truth, goodness and beauty are called 'transcendentals'. They are pathways to God. By opening our eyes to them we are opening our eyes to God - looking both inwards at how God is communicating with us and outwards at how God communicates with us through the world.


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