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    A woman of faith

    Julie Chamberlin. 01 December 2017

    Margaret Kennedy fcJ died suddenly on 13 March while she was holidaying at Sorrento. She was in her ninetieth year and had given seventy years of service to education as an FCJ Sister.


    Reflections for Advent

    Staff. 01 December 2017

    In Advent, amidst the tinsel and noisy bustle, we invite you to pause and reflect on the great mystery of God's love for Creation - so deep, and so tender that God chose to enter the world as one of us. We pray to discern God's traces in our shadowed world.


    Comings and goings at Christmas

    Andrew Hamilton, SJ. 01 December 2017

    Christmas is a time for homecoming. But for adults, it is also edged with sadness. No matter how happy is the celebration it is always edged by longing for the Christmases of childhood.


    Letting God out of the box


    Welcome to the Spring edition of Madonna. Spring always surprises. Our theme 'Letting God Out of the Box,' explores our relationship with God, reminding us that the healing mysteries of God's work amongst us in our world often escape our expectations.


    Grace trumps control

    Chris Gleeson

    During one day in the July school holidays of 1998, I was standing on the 1st tee at the beautiful Bonville International Golf Club just south of Coffs Harbour. I was nervously waiting to hit off with a group of players which included a retired psychiatrist, a pediatrician, and the Manager of the local private hospital.


    Healing the soul with music therapy

    Rosie Hoban

    Faith has played a part in most steps of Emma O'Brien's wonderful career and important life decisions; her own faith in the power of music to connect with people, the faith of people around her and the faith people place in her.


    Being with God in nature

    Peter Saunders

    ‘The universe unfolds in God, who fills it completely. Hence, there is a mystical meaning to be found in a leaf, on a mountain trail, in a dew drop, in a poor person’s face.’ Pope Francis. Laudato Si, n.233


    An Aboriginal legend of the Sturt Desert Pea

    Elizabeth Pike

    For Aboriginal people, the image of God (Creator of all things) has been given to them in every aspect of creation on the land and in the heavens. They would sit around the fire and speak of all the things that they saw around them; that was the place where everything in life was discussed


    A messenger

    Jacinta Rice

    There they are, the travelling pelicans skimming the surface of the lake.


    Leaving the box behind to meet God

    Andrew Hamilton, SJ

    When developers build apartments they usually erect a smaller scale model of the apartment to attract buyers. In it the furniture is also on a smaller scale, the paintings on the walls convey spaciousness, and outside the window is a small garden.


    Winter Raffle 2017 Winners

    Staff. 06 July 2017


    Busy Lives, Restless Hearts

    Clare Deignan

    Dear Charlotte, When I was in Year Two, my teacher Mrs Newhard taught my class that we could meet with Jesus in our hearts at anytime, anywhere. My seven-year-old mind imagined meeting Jesus in a deep red room shaped as a heart.  In my mind, it had heavy curtains and a velvet couch, similar to…