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    Finding stillness by the river

    Michele Gierck

    If I had to name one place that I’ve long loved, a place that settles my soul, it’s down by the river.


    Arms wide open

    Michael McGirr

    Not every painting needs to be famous. On my desk at work is an image that two dear friends brought back from Brazil when they went there for World Youth Day a few years ago. I can’t even tell you who the artist is: the work is signed simply Marcelo. 


    Sundays in the City

    Peta Yowie

    I’ve been attending church a lot lately — but it’s what happens after that has been changing me. In church I don’t put much in the collection bowl, often just a gold coin. But when I walk the city streets later, that’s when I give. 


    Faith & Spirituality In Review

    Andrew Hamilton SJ

    The story of Jesuit ventures at Sevenhill described in this richly informative and illustrated book (The Vine and the Branches: the fruits of the Sevenhill Mission) is one of ambition constantly clawing at the edge of possibility. The title is ambiguous, with its reference both to viniculture and to the mission — apparently disparate things…


    Where is God in all this?



    Bridging faiths

    Rosie Hoban

    Sister Cheryl Camp rsm has never shied away from a challenge. Like many Sisters of Mercy through the decades she has packed up and gone where ever she was needed, no matter how remote, or foreign, the place may be


    Beauty in defiance

    Jemimah McMurray

    How does an artist capture the essence of someone like Mother Teresa of Calcutta? Jemimah McMurray talks to Paul Newton, whose painting of the newly canonised saint has been placed on display at Domus Australia in Rome


    An attentive moment

    Andrew Hamilton SJ

    As a young Jesuit I learned philosophy. Most of it has washed away, but the saying that ‘all that exists is true, good and beautiful’ stayed with me. It seemed then to be the triumph of wishful thinking over experience – think of election campaigns, Hitler and slugs


    In the eye of the beholder

    Andrea Grant

    On a recent family holiday to Cape Otway we took a day trip to the iconic 12 Apostles. I’ve visited a few times in my life and never failed to be captivated by their glorious obstinance in the face of the pounding surf. This was the first time that I have been there with my


    Faith & spirituality in review

    Andrew Hamilton SJ

    Gerald O’Collins SJ, Letters to Nevie: Learning from the Scriptures, St Pauls, ISBN 9781910365120 By any measure Gerald O’Collins has been a prolific author in his life as a world-class theologian. In what one believes is his 66th published book, we see the consummate teacher writing a series of beautifully crafted letters to his teenage grandniece, Nevie…


    'I am the light of the world'


    In this Autumn edition of Madonna, our daily prayers feature a more personal and intimate exploration of the Gospel stories of the Lenten season. Each day, our guest writer delves into the Gospel to find a way out of the darkness that they find themselves in. 


    Making music with what remains

    Chris Gleeson SJ

    Readers of the Melbourne Herald Sun might remember the very moving interview journalist Hamish McLachlan conducted with Angie Cunningham over a five-month period. Angie was a young woman who was afflicted in 2012 with a terrible motor neurone disease. She was also a friend of mine, and recently I wrote something on the theme of ‘connection’ which centred around her story.