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    Finding Kolkata

    Michael Walter. 09 March 2017

    Brother Doug Walsh fms is showing me around his place, an old house in Heidelberg West. The brothers’ house. On his table is a letter from the St Vincent de Paul Society about the soup vans. A meal is brewing in the slow cooker


    With my foot in my mouth

    Isabella Fels. 09 March 2017

    When it comes to me putting my foot in things I am a centrefold


    Mercy in the streets

    Sacha Bermudez-Goldman SJ. 09 March 2017

    Doña Tere is probably in her late 60s, but looks more as if she would be in her early 80s. She stands every day for several hours on a very busy intersection in one of the wealthier suburbs of San José, the capital of Costa Rica, where I have spent the past couple of months. I have always encountered Doña Tere in the same spot. In a way she has looked pretty much the same for the past ten years or so


    The mother's heart

    Clare Deignan. 09 March 2017

    Dear Charlotte, This letter I won’t give you until you are much older, but I write it while the thoughts are fresh in my mind. You won’t realise how wonderful – and trying – motherhood is until you become a mother yourself (if that’s what life and God have in store for you)


    A spiritual 'HOME'

    Rosie Hoban. 09 March 2017

    Fr Peter Day doesn’t mind taking on unpopular causes. His writings attest to his willingness to challenge anyone, including church leaders, when he thinks truth is in jeopardy.


    A heart for the poor

    Staff. 09 March 2017


    Community of Prayer - March, April, May

    Editor. 09 March 2017

    The Pope's prayer intentions, calendar of saints and reflections on the liturgical readings for each day of the month. Click here to visit the website


    Mercy in the Workplace

    Megan Graham. 09 March 2017

    A young woman receives surprising compassion in a difficult situation.


    Storylines of the rosary

    Betty Pike. 09 March 2017

    Praying the rosary has a beautiful sense of story for Aboriginal people.


    Dancing through doubt

    Claudia Appaduray. 09 March 2017

    Life never promises to be easy, or to even make much sense. After an arduous period of slogging, I have found myself looking up in gratitude for the mercy of God, which has come in surprising packaging. After years of a university degree promising employment opportunities and opened doors, I find myself with a job selling high‑end shoes, and (too few) casual hours that force me to live beyond my means.


    God is my GPS

    Chris Gleeson SJ. 09 March 2017

    In early September I was reading the Weekend Australian magazine over breakfast when I came across an article on Israel Folau, the much acclaimed fullback for the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team. A very religious man, he declared unambiguously to the columnist: ‘God is my GPS’


    Extending the hand of mercy

    Staff. 09 March 2017