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    Faith in the family

    Andrew Hamilton SJ. 10 March 2017

    The Synod on the Family, which may have begun and even concluded by the time you read this article, has caused a stir. Bishops have publicly differed about some topics to be discussed in it, priests have taken up petitions, and journalists wondered if it might divide the Church. If family life is a happy topic, the Synod has strangely put frowns on many faces. Why is this so?


    Apostleship of prayer

    David Braithwaite SJ. 10 March 2017

    Pope Francis’ worldwide prayer networkThe Apostleship of Prayer receives monthly prayer intentions from the Pope and urges Christians throughout the world to unite in prayer for those intentions. Thus we all become part of an international Community of Prayer


    To live as saints

    John Reilly SJ. 10 March 2017

    27th Sunday Year BGenesis 2: 18–24, Mark 10: 2–16The Genesis story of the creation of Eve can suggest that the first human was male, and his need for companionship brought about the creation of woman. This reflects a Jewish prejudice at the time of man’s superiority over woman. This prejudice is not found in Jesus. For him, women and men stand together as equals before God. Their companionship is truly mutual and life-giving for each other


    A father's journey home

    Darrell Cruse. 10 March 2017

    Driving home from hospital with our first child, James, I heard my wife say, ‘Did you click his seat belt?’ Pulling over, I was struck by the realisation that from now on my first thought would be about someone other than me


    Snapshots of family life

    Michael Walter. 10 March 2017

    ‘You are privileged.’ My friend smacks me in the face with this statement. I had been extolling the virtues of travel and sagely explaining that all young people should take a year to see the world. My ever-blunt friend (quite rightly) reminded me that this isn’t a possibility for many people. They may have medical expenses for themselves or their family, debt, or they may have to support their younger sibling’s education. To travel is a luxury


    Faith & Spirituality in Review

    Staff. 10 March 2017

    Will ye go, Lassie go: Celebrating the life of Sr Bridget Harley D.C., ed Sr Maeve O’Brien, D.C., Blue Mountain Education and Research Trust, ISBN 978 0 9941555 04.


    A woman in love

    Michael McGirr. 10 March 2017

    Bernini’s The Ecstasy of St Teresa depicts a saint who is alive to the present moment, able to let God take her breath away


    Listening to the voice of the heart

    Beth Doherty. 10 March 2017

    Listening to stories about how others have found their vocation can help us discover our own calling, says Beth Dohert


    A balancing act

    Chris Gleeson SJ. 10 March 2017

    I pen this editorial on a superb day at Sevenhill where, as one retreatant has quipped, the Australian Jesuits’ DNA resides. As so often happens, I am writing with the light of some inspiration I have just received on the Combined Jesuit School Councils’ Retreat


    Sanctifying ourselves, sanctifying the world

    Staff. 10 March 2017

    Do you love me?


    Our Community of Prayer - December, January, February

    Staff. 10 March 2017

    The Pope's prayer intentions, calendar of saints and reflections on the liturgical readings for each day of the month. Click here to visit the website


    Don't judge

    Susie Hii. 10 March 2017

    We are advised when doing the awareness Examen, coined by St Ignatius of Loyola, to practise being non-judgmental. Instead of judging events as good and bad, some people categorise them as ‘highlights’ and ‘lowlights’.