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    A search for hope amidst grief

    Rosie Hoban

    After 27 years in the funeral business, Patsy Healy has come to the fierce belief that death is not the end, but the beginning. She knows how much life and energy goes into dying. She felt grief's raw and brutal touch when she delivered a stillborn daughter many years ago. She's journeyed with hundreds, maybe thousands, of families as they prepare to bury their loved one.


    Life and loss at Gethsemane Community

    Myree Harris RSJ

    A seismic event happened in December 2014. Gethsemane Community - an organization in Sydney who offer disability services and support - had been home to four long-term residents with mental illness and other disabilities. On 18 December, just before dinner, we heard an ambulance siren. Robert, one of the Community residents, was due home - but we didn't make the connection until we got a call from Neuro ICU at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Robert had fallen on the street, hit his head on concrete and suffered severe inter-cranial bleeding.


    The same old crowd

    Ross Jones SJ

    The week leading to Easter begins with the account of Palm Sunday where Jesus is caught up in that rather triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The mood of the crowd, at first ecstatic with joy and hope, takes a turn. The Palm Sunday story has long fascinated me – it paints an aspect of human nature that has changed little over the millennia.


    Faith & spirituality in review

    Andrew Hamilton SJ

    I confess that I came to Freedom in the Spirit without great enthusiasm. In my prayer and preaching I find more life in the stories and images of the Gospels than in the discursive texts. Because St Paul’s letters are light on stories I leave them aside.


    PWPN – The Most Beautiful Moment In The Game


    My favourite memory of a Victorian football match is of a little rover, legs pumping and bouncing the ball, running down the field, wrong-footing one giant defender and going through another, finishing in the goal square and kicking the winning goal just as the siren sounds. And all of us suddenly on our feet in delight, shouting, ‘You little bewdy!’ (You can see it happened a long time ago.)


    The Last Word

    Ross Jones SJ. 10 March 2017

    Each year we ‘re-member’—put together again—the Easter story, promising again to work with Jesus in his ongoing work of human liberation...


    Faith & Spirituality in Review

    Staff. 10 March 2017

    Helen Doyle, The Church on the Hill: A centenary history of St Brigid’s Crossley, and its Irish-Australian community, Bridin Books, 2014


    Community of Prayer - March, April, May

    Staff. 10 March 2017

    The Pope's prayer intentions, calendar of saints and reflections on the liturgical readings for each day of the month. Click here to visit the website


    Forgiveness through God's grace

    David Braithwaite SJ. 10 March 2017

    The Apostleship of Prayer is Pope Francis’ worldwide prayer network. It receives monthly prayer intentions from the Pope and urges Christians throughout the world to unite in prayer for those intentions. Thus we all become part of an international Community of Prayer


    Centres of Ignatian Spirituality

    Staff. 10 March 2017


    The ointment and the vinegar

    Peter Steele SJ. 10 March 2017

    Countless times, since artists have tried to represent the passion and death of the Lord, they have found in the gospel text what we might call eloquent items.


    A cloud of witnesses

    Edmund Campion. 10 March 2017

    Having first sent prayerbooks, Fr John Joseph Therry soon followed with a visit to the newly-founded colony of Sydney.